Male chest fat reduction

At SkinFX Canada we have the most effective, non-invasive, treatment for male chest fat also known as moobs. We combine 2 different body sculpting technologies (truSculpt 3D by Cutera and BodyFX by InMode) to achieve greater results than the widespread CoolSculpting technology available today. Results are seen in one treatment and the treatment is virtually pain-free.

So, what’s the best treatment to get rid of my chest fat?

There are a few options to treat your chest fat. Most, more expensive options are surgical which requires downtime and aftercare. The most effective treatments use RF body sculpting machines such as CoolSculpt, truSculpt, and BodyFX.

Can I learn more about SkinFX’s Dual Sculpting treatments for my chest fat?

Yes! Please educate yourself about our treatments to ensure they are right for you. We can answer any questions you may have. Please contact us today.

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