6 Hand Washing Skincare Tips

Washing your hands is very important during these times. But you may have noticed that frequent hand washing can cause your hands to be dry– flake, crack, itch, or even bleed without proper precautions. There are two different ways to clean your hands: 👐😷 Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 15 […]

SkinFX Product: Endor Technologies Anti-Cellulite Cream

 Cellulite happens. As we get older and our lifestyles change, our bodies also change. But we don’t have to take cellulite sitting down! We’re cracking the code on cellulite and stocking up on the products you need to get rid of it the right way.  Why This Anti-Cellulite Cream?  Anti-cellulite cream visibly reduces the appearance […]

Medical Grade VS. Over-the-Counter Skincare Products

When it comes to skincare products, you want formulas that deliver genuine results. There are so many choices out there as you walk through a drugstore aisle or fancy boutique and consider an over-the-counter skincare brand. Unfortunately, those products are made with mainly water and fillers and merely sit on the surface of the skin. […]